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About DS

Designstruction was established in 2018, focusing on residential, commercial, retail designs and renovations.

Our design focus is on Space Constructions, in order to fulfill each project with creativity and originality without losing its practicality, durability and sustainable designs over a period of time. We would like to input the use of natural and the green elements into our designs, allowing our clients to feel comfortable and a sense of peace in both work or/and home.

World renowned Architecture Ludwig Mies Van Der Rohe philosophy of "Less is More". We tend to focus on Minimalist and Sense of space. Minimalist is not leaving behind details and compressing beauty. Is allowing the carefully filtering of over complexity, returning to the origination of beauty in designing concept. Ideas based purely on non overly pompous and squandered in our designs.

Every designs are to cater for the needs of our individual client. We believe in patiently listening, teaming up with our experts, in order to achieve what our company's goal of “Putting You First, Construction Through Heart”.

Our Process

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